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    Julie Pflaumer^Piece of crap. Came with threads coming out everywhere. White hoodie with pink marks all around where the decal was ironed on. Even f I tried to bleach it I’m afraid it would fall apart in the wash. Requested a refund.~3|melissa^Get a bigger size kinda runs small ;)~5|Amazon Customer^My daughter loved it but def not true to size it’s very small~3|Robert Shans^Thx fits and looks great~5|stephanie l hutcheon^Packaged showed up soaked and was too small.. very disappointed~3|
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    Bookaholic^Very disappointed. One of the worst shorts I’ve ever seen. It is fuzzy looking. Shirt is cheap&#44 thin&#44 and rough. You can see through it due to the thin material. It even says Professional Dry Clean Recommended?? What? Would have been better to buy a black undershirt and iron on an image. Spent same amount at FYE for a similar Slytherin shirt that was a lot nicer. It is not a slim fit&#44 just a cheap material. The arms look like a youth large with a mens medium torso. Took 3 weeks to get here for Christmas&#44 which it did but I wouldn’t give this. Going to try to return as the description was not accurate at all.~3|Loki^For what I paid for this product&#44 I certainly didn’t get what I expected. I usually wear a medium size (and sometimes small&#44 depending on the brand)&#44 and ordered a large but it fits like a small. In addition to that the fabric is extremely thin and I’m afraid to break the seams. Considering the other reviews&#44 I wonder if there’s multiple manufacturers of this who use different size guides.Other than that it looks great&#44 I just wish the fit was better (and more accurately represented; if it’s a slim fit&#44 put it in the description!).~4|Joyeux1981^This is NOT an officially licensed product&#44 nor does it look like the photo. It is a cheap&#44 blurry reprint on a generic (nylon?) t-shirt. I don’t know what the shirt is made of because there is no tag. It looks like a cheap imitation of the advertised product. I took some close-up photos so you can see the resolution of the material of the shirt versus the print quality. It looks like the photo is blurred&#44 but that is just the print.I WOULD NOT BUY AGAIN&#44 and would return it if it were not more than the cost of the shirt to ship it back to China.~3|Alex^This shirt is not only stylish for any fellow Slytherin&#44 but the fit is exactly as expected. I ordered this a size larger than I actually wear since I prefer baggier shirts&#44 and I must say that the fit was perfect for my taste. The fabric feels very nice on the skin and is very durable. A problem I see in most graphic tees is that the stability of the fabric is flimsy and often rips&#44 but that is far from the case with this shirt! It has been a year since I’ve purchased this product&#44 and I’ve worn it so many times without the print coming off or cracking and without any rips&#44 holes&#44 or tears. This is a must buy for any potter-head&#44 especially for fellow Slytherins.~5|Cristom Payagen^A lot of people are giving negative reviews because it’s smaller than expected; however&#44 know that these are slim fit t-shirts! Depending on your build&#44 you may or may not want to get a size larger. If you’ve got extra body fat in your stomach/chest area&#44 I recommend getting 1 size bigger if you wear a S/M shirt&#44 or 2 sizes bigger if you wear a L/XL. If you have a more athletic build and don’t find yourself tugging at make your shirt baggier to cover your man boobs&#44 go with the size you normally wear~5|BluesReviews^WAY TO SMALL. I were a medium and some t-shirts a large&#44 so I went large on this one………the shirt is tiny. It is cheaply made&#44 but the size is the biggest issue. I mean it isn’t even close to a large. Very disappointed and have requested a refund.~4|Anthony Orozco^The image on the shirt is TERRIBLE. Can’t even distinguish what it is. Don’t buy this&#44 looks nothing like how it looks in thee pictures&#44 the actual image is heavily pixelated~3|Roan^The T-shirt was great.I am not a man but female and the shirt fit perfectly fine. I’m 5’0 and got a Medium. I washed the shirt and then it shrinked a bit but it still fits fine. I didn’t experience any of those things that some other people experience like it wasn’t the right color or anything it was just great&#44 hope this helped~4|Laura Manning^Do not order! The sizing is too small & they are made of possibly polyester. Not sure because there is no identifying tags inside garments. Also picture is very bad. Tried to return but they want me to pay the return shipping or if I keep the item that doesn’t fit & looks like crap&#44 they will refund me $2.00.Would give it no stars.~3|K. Parks^Exactly what I was expecting. Fits well&#44 nice color&#44 I’m very satisfied.~5|
    ProSphere Men’s University of Hawaii Heather Tech Tee http://www.teshirtprinting.com/prosphere-mens-university-of-hawaii-heather-tech-tee-p-2057.html

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    Amazon Customer^My dad loves his shirt! It was supposed to be for father’s day&#44 but I couldn’t handle not giving it to him early!~5|Rafael Marquez^Great t-shirt!!! i love it~5|jennifer resnik^The shirt’s color was very different from the picture. Instead of being a dark “Ash” grey &#44 it is a very light grey.~4|Amazon Customer^Washed once in cold water and hung to dry…still shrank way too badly to wear again!~3|Jose A.^I love it~5|Pico Alto^Shrunk after wash/dry. I am going to only wash it from now on.Will hang dry for future uses.~3|Nicole Redpath^Felt like a normal men’s shirt material&#44 the writing I thought would match with the size&#44 like the bigger the shirt the bigger the writing… kind of too big for a L.~3|Amazon Customer^My husband loved his t-shirt. He’s a large and it fits perfectly. It has been washed many times&#44 still looks great.~4|Amazon Customer^Bought it for my brother&#44 it fit well but was really long. I made fun of him for trying to tuck it in&#44 lol~4|Adv Arie Shtramer^Ever since I got the shirt&#44 I am bery proud to wear it and it brings splendid reactions~5|Lonnie D. Thornton^Couldn’t be happier.~5|Amazon Customer^Great quality shirt. My son is 6ft tall 230lbs and the 2XL fit great&#44 not tight&#44 plenty of room.~5|P. Tomasevic^Love Trump and the T Shirt~5|Savvy Shopper^Great Shirt!! Usually my husband is very picky about wearing shirts that people stop to read….he wears this one all of the time!~5|rikki racer^Figured it would be a little small so ordered a XXL fits like a XL. Perfect~5|sb717^The shirt quality is very good. The printing is very good quality! i was actually very impressed with the quality and fit of these shirts. I bought several in several sizes. All of them were great!~5|DEBBIE KOPP^Great quality – held up to washing great no shrinkage~5|Amazon Customer^This was exactly as ordered and I’m please with my purchase. Should be an interesting collector’s item.~4|DARREN PARRISH^Love my shirtWould buy again~5|joeblaine^Too small~3|
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    dale green^Fits very well&#44 and I am 5’8 180lbs waist 34. I have not worn it on the street yet. When I do I will come back and say how the street (in nyc) reaction went. ????~5|gilk10^When I saw it&#44 I couldn’t resist. It was a gift for a young pastor in the great Los Angeles area. He speaks constantly about the importance of making God relevant to the young people in every day life. When he opened it&#44 he smiled hugely and assured me that this was exactly what he meant.It makes a statement&#44 and certainly fits him well. He is pleased and proud to wear it. Now&#44 if we can just get the company to make more long sleeve Christian shirts&#44 we’ll be everywhere.~5|CJ-Sims12^Once I took it out the package it didn’t even look like a mediam size like a I ordered&#44 it looks very flimsy and I can’t even read the John 3:16 verse on the shirt&#44 its blurry.. the logo looks printed on it and looks like it would come off after a few washes. Very disappointed and just a terrible way to slap something so precious on as God’s word and I can’t even read what it says. Seriously&#44 don’t bother with this company..~3|Deeja^My husband loves this shirt! Shipping was fast also.~5|DIANA DEPRIEST^Bad size&#44 bad material&#44 bad grammar on the t-shirts and no returns. Run&#44 don’t buy.~3|G. Otero^Love the message but wish the t-shirt would be of a softer quality.~3|QnOfDiamond^I bought this t- shirt for my husband&#44 who’s a pastor. He has gotten several compliments on it.~5|Corey Armelagos^Way better then Compton shirt~5|John^Good product&#44 great message!~5|Daniel Hernandez^I really like this shirt&#44 it is a great conversation starter.~5|
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    Hey, just looking around some blogs, seems a pretty nice platform you are using and the theme as well. I’m currently using WordPress for a few of my sites but looking to change one of them over to a platform similar to yours as a trial run. Anything in particular you would recommend about it? Have a nice Tuesday!


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    Amazon Customer^Too small&#44 hoodie string has weird beads on the ends. Lettering isn’t as bright as shown in display.~3|
    Printed Property Of A Canadian Girl Maple Leaves Men Mens Boxer Underwear White

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    Mackenzie Keane^I wear a women’s medium&#44 and ordered a small (it runs in men’s sizes)&#44 but I feel I should have ordered a medium. It doesn’t NOT fit&#44 but I don’t like to wear clothes that cling to my waist (read: muffin top). The material used is a bit course.I don’t even care though.I don’t. Even. Care.This shirt is very cute. I like to wear it while I work out. In some sense&#44 I feel like Capt. Picard is looking down on me&#44 perhaps with a proud expression on his face&#44 as he remembers when he&#44 too&#44 ran along the uneven sidewalk of his apartment complex with his fat&#44 idiot dog who doesn’t even know what “sit” means&#44 even after countless packages of hotdogs and little clickers are used.Ex astris&#44 scientia. Buy this shirt. Follow your dreams.~4|D.A. Drake^Wonderful shirt&#44 well made&#44 fits nice&#44 big clear design; I now see people look at me with respect in their eyes… or at least with some kind kind of look in their eyes.~5|Terrib24^Trekkie? Who wouldn’t want a star fleet academy shirt! You think it looks good in the photo….Looks even better in hand. Good thick tee shirt material&#44 appliqu of star fleet Academy emblem and year are of good quality and very authentic in appearance. A good buy&#44 great product…great gift.Star fleet history:Starfleet Academy (also referred to as the Space Academy) was a department within Starfleet. The main purpose of this department was for the education and training of individuals for service in Starfleet. The movement of personnel in and out of this service was governed by the Starfleet Transfer Regulations. The chief administrator of the Academy was the superintendent.HistoryThe Academy existed as early as the 2140s to train United Earth Starfleet personnel. It was officially incorporated into the Federation in 2161 with the motto Ex Astris&#44 Scientia&#44 to serve as a training facility for Federation Starfleet officers.The headquarters of Starfleet Academy were located in the Presidio in San Francisco&#44 while the Academy training facility itself was located in Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge just south of Sausalito&#44 California. The Academy program typically lasted four years&#44 though certain programs lasted five&#44 six&#44 or eight years.Admission into Starfleet Academy began with the acceptance of the candidate’s application. Once the application was accepted&#44 the candidate underwent the Academy entrance competition exams&#44 which determined those admitted by the best scores among a group of candidates competing to gain admission. In 2364&#44 one such location for these competitions was on Relva VII. The exam contained sections on hyperspace physics and dynamic relationships&#44 among others. Along with the infamous “psych test”&#44 in which the prospective cadet faced their greatest fear&#44 unannounced tests could take place at any time during the exam period.Not all candidates made entry into Starfleet Academy on their first attempt; however&#44 if their scores were high enough in the competition they could be eligible to reapply the following year. If the results of the reapplication were sufficiently high they were accepted into the Academy.For non-Federation citizens&#44 a candidate could attend the Academy if they were sponsored and had a letter of reference written on their behalf by a command level officer. Once this was accomplished&#44 the candidate was eligible for the Academy Preparatory Exam.The Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program was the next stage for consideration of admission&#44 which consisted of six weeks of summer classes. By passing the Preparatory Program&#44 a candidate’s admission was ensured&#44 as they had then proved to the admissions committee that they were prepared&#44 or determined&#44 to become a cadet. Once this had been accomplished&#44 the candidate was then eligible for the Academy entrance exam.Once the former candidate was accepted&#44 they could enroll in Academy courses.So be among the best&#44 wear your Star Fleet Academy tee shirt proudly! Don’t forget your friends! They’ll love it too.~5|Personal Penguin^I like to wear this shirt while I’m jogging on the Academy grounds. Sometimes Boothby gets a little peeved at me for jogging through the gardens&#44 but I can’t help myself. This shirt is also great to wear for lifting weights&#44 parkour&#44 tricking&#44 and other awesome cool things&#44 possibly including breakdancing&#44 which is Boothby’s favorite form of 20th century dance. One time Boothby busted some moves on some cardboard behind his shed&#44 it was sweet.Also&#44 if you like t-shirts and Star Trek&#44 this will probably be something you like.~4|Andy Mc^Bought this for attending a local sci-fi convention and it went down a storm. The quality is very good for a printed shirt&#44 it feels thicker than similar products I’ve bought online and I am very pleased. Several washes later and the logo hasn’t faded or peeled at all.~5|Ciara Williams^I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He is a size large and it fit him perfect. I have washed it many times and it’s kept it shape&#44 size and color. All in all&#44 it’s a great shirt for fans.~4|Antoine Geagea^The fit’s not bad&#44 though the sleeves needed some work…The blue of the print&#44 though&#44 is lighter than in the product photo which doesn’t contrast as much with the grey of the shirt… Could’ve gone with a darker blue…The print itself is also of barely acceptable quality…~3|Treklady^I bought this for my Dad as a gift. He is between a L and XL&#44 so I ordered the XL. The shirt is well made&#44 the the graphics&#44 but the XL looked more like a XXL. It was too wide on the sides. Returning for the large. Other than the sizing being a bit on the large side&#44 it’s a very nice T-shirt for any Trekkie!~4|Bruce Vail^This shirt is made of good quality material and looks great. It runs a little big so consider ordering down one size. I would recommend this product.~5|A^The blue printing is NOT royal blue like in the picture. It’s somewhere between sky blue and powder blue&#44 so it barely stands out from the grey background&#44 making it impossible to read. Picture is totally misleading.~4|
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    Kenneth Dill^Nice looking and comfortable feel as structure is as expected.~4|E B^Fits well and I am happy with the product.~5|Amazon Customer^Am a medium&#44 but it’s to tight~4|G. Coley^Great Cycling Kit~5|

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    michelle cabral^Got this shirt for my Toyota loving boyfriend that is obsessed with anything to do with Toyota. He almost crapped his pants when he saw this shirt. He kinda really likes it.~5|Acacia3750^Great fit and nice quality feel to the fabric. I like the faded design~5|Amazon Customer^Good quality t-shirt. Would buy again if they had other colors.~5|XCR^Awsome shirt gotta love toyota. Im 6’1″ an got a XL but im not fat enough to fill all that shirt so a L would of been better but owell.~5|MG3^As advertised.~5|Todd Henderson^comfortable~5|Justin M. Jenkins^It’s a true X-Large&#44 but this one was slightly larger than the same Black version of this shirt. Both manufactured by GILDAN&#44 so off that the sizes were noticeably different. I did not want to bother with an exchange&#44 so immediately washed and dried this one. Good enough.~4|David^Great quality T-Shirt! My 17 year old loved receiving it for his birthday!~5|Brian Metze^I still like it a though~4|Chris^size runs about one size down from other brands&#44 I ordered a X large and it fits like a large from say fruit of the loom~4|
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    osassymom^Says preshrunk&#44 but it shrunk up some in the lenght. Boo~3|Savannah May^Nothing wrong with the product. Nice quality. Unfortunately the small was smaller than I thought it would be&#44 but the company offered an exchange to make a child’s size~5|cb^didn’t fit~3|Lizzy Thom^Nice T shirt. Feels soft and looks to be well made. I bought it for my grandson. He loves it and the saying on the front suits him perfectly.~5|Amazon Customer^The spelling on the shirt was all incorrect. I had to throw it away. It was obviously fraud. Since then I’ve been receiving spam texts about sun glasses&#44etc. waste of money.~3|Chrissy^Love this&#44 washed and dried with no shrinking or stretching out of shape. Writing is clear&#44 it was a hit with everyone.~5|Amazon Mom^Perfect fit&#44 rich colors&#44 hilarious quotes. Just perfect~5|Usaid?^Make sure the person you buy this for has a sense of humor lol~5|nanasmymy^My Grandson loves this T-Shirt and wears it all the time!!!!!!!!~5|Susi Robison^Love novelty shirts&#44 knew the perfect person for this one.~5|
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    jax^Now this is a hat! I ordered from another vender looking for a good USA hat and it came in a flat envelope&#44 smashed and looking like a painters cap. This hat is quality&#44 same good price&#44 and came in a box. Stitching is great&#44 looks exactly as it’s pictured. Only drawback is it was made in China but what isn’t these days.~5|Amazon Customer^Hat fit no problem and looks great! This has become my favorite hat when going out. Great way to show pride for America.~5|
    Cool Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Trucker Mesh Baseball Cap Hat One Size

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    Amazon Customer^Love it. Needed a hat that fits comfortable with my hair. I also wear glasses and some hats push on them too much. This one doesn’t. It fits great and doesn’t have to shallow of a cap- which can also be awkward about a hat.~5|WRiz^This is a really good idea. Lets you wear a hat with a high pony tail. Looks good.~5|Safiya Roberts^Color was the same as advertised&#44 it fit great&#44 love the comfort. Its very difficult to find a basball hat or any fitted type hat that would fit and cooperate well with my thick dreads! It also arrived much earlier than expected. Very pleased!~5|Susan Colosimo^I really am loving this cap. The fit is great and it is very comfortable.~5|Amazon Customer^It’s a really good hat and fits great~5|It^bought this to keep rain off of my glasses when i ‘m out for a jog. i have to have my hair up and regular hats wouldn’t fit right with my ponytail.~5|carrie flanagin^love it!~5|
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    Amazon Customer^Front logo looks faded. No logo on upper back. Not even a blue shirt. I got black.~3|T^Not 100 % Cotton&#44 it is Polyester. Ships from China&#44 Not USA based retailer. NO logo on the back&#44 Terrible quality logo faded on the front.~3|J. Kalmar^Poor quality knockoff of an official Red Bull Racing Shirt. Graphic came pixelated and faded. Cheap material T-shirt. Highly Disappointed. Junk.~3|Jeffery Kurtz^Got my shirt&#44 the entire logo is fuzzy and disproportionate. You can hard make out the words “Formula One Team”.~3|Mtbross^Great shirt&#44 but the sizing is a bit small. Good quality shirt.~4|francis d gallardo^Looks like crap. No logo on back &#44 and the front logo is horrible.~3|Amazon Customer^It’s the worst purchase I’ve ever made in my Amazon story. For not reading the comments. Do not buy it!!~3|Amazon Customer^Print quality on shirt is blurry and nothing like picture. I believe I received a defective product.~3|Brian John^Tag read 2xx&#44 what I ordered&#44 it’s a large to medium.~3|Michael Theisen^This is a very nice shirt. The quality is good the print is good and the gray color is pretty cool.~5|S Bryan^Size of shirt is exact. Although you have to remember some shrinkage will occur with washing. I have made multiple orders in diff sizes and all are great quality. The prices are hard to beat.~5|Amazon Customer^Trump!~5|Sandra K. Gilbertson^Awesome shirt&#44 hope he wins! Super fast shipping!~5|Brad^Wore this past weekend on both days and got many people complementing it. Go Trump and we can’t afford 4 more years with a Democrat in office.~5|Madison Momma^Great shirt! Trump is awesome and so is the shirt.~5|LandryMediaReviews^ProsIts Making America Great Again. Great Communication from Seller.Cons100% Cotton&#44 “Heavy” Cotton&#44 its good material but shrinks up to 1 Size&#44 Beware of that&#44 buy a Size Up&#44 as it will Shrink a Size Down.ConclusionGood Material&#44 Shrinks more than it should but Its Making America Great Again. TRUMP Came out and looked at the Shirt and Thumbs Up’ed It.~4|
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    bdp^I am a girly-girl with a man’s hat size plus lots of hair. Ladies hats only come in one size and never fit. Wore this hat every day of a 2 week vacation. It was very comfortable&#44 not too bulky&#44 ‘crushable’&#44 and adequately covered my hair. Put it in a lingere bag and washed it with the rest of the laundry when we got home. The satin lining did not fray&#44 the bill did not bend&#44 and the cotton fabric came nicely clean. Great classic design&#44 quality materials and workmanship. Definately recommend to others.~5|Amazon Primer^This is really big. My mom has a hard time finding hats that fit and this one was a little too big. However with the right amount of adjusting she got it to work for htier. She really likes the hat. It’s well made and has an inner lining. I thought this would be great for summer/spring because of the khaki color but with the lining it is actually a bit heavy and not a summer hat.~4|Westie62909^I have long thick curly hair and I purchase the big size so on bad hair days I can put it all in and go out. I do measure 22 inches so when my hair is down the hat is a little big on me. Now that summer is here I can put my hair in and not worry about the sun making my hair light. I also purchased the grey and red&#44 just love them!~5|Lillie Trotter^I usually have a very hard time finding caps that fit well&#44 so I was very pleased to receive my first cap that met all of my needs. This cap came just as described in color&#44 has a nicely stitched lining&#44 and the bib is a good length for sun protection. Since this cap is also between light/medium weight I’m eager to see how it will fare during hotter weather with my natural hair. So far this is an extremely good buy and I’m very pleased with the sizing and how accurately it was described and the quality.~5|AmazonFanAgain^This is a well made cap. Unfortunately&#44 I had to return it as it was humongous even for my huge head and thick curly hair ( I usually find caps too small for my head and that is why I thought to give this a try). In my opinion&#44 this is only suitable for a plus sized man&#44 not woman. Amazon return was great as usual.~4|Punch^I was so afraid this hat would be too jumbo even for my melon. But it fits pretty well&#44 especially given the wad of hair I tuck under it. Who wouldn’t be leery of buying a hat without trying it on first — hats are tricky — but I won this bet. I can’t wait for tomorrow to get here so I can start rocking my new newsboy look. Extra extra read all about it!~5|diana t.^Bought this cap for my hubby who has a large head. This cap fits him great and the quality of of the fabric is great. The cap was lined which was an unexpected plus. Most good quality hats are lined. This feature helps the cap retain it’s shape. Good value for the money.~5|sandy^I got this for my husband and he really likes it. Good quality but the sizing on these hats are hard to go by. These run on the larger side. Hope that will help someone.~4|Pat^I like it being a little too large&#44 it still looks good.~5|wanda rettinger^Very well made but HUGE. Nicely lined. I will add elastic around the whole brim to make is snug up.~4|
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    Kevin North^This hat works exactly as expected. It keeps my head somewhat warm (not crazy warm&#44 but good enough for people who don’t live in Canada or Greenland or Siberia) and it lets terrorists and evildoers know that they should not tread on me. Since buying this hat&#44 no one has even TRIED to tread on me. Also&#44 it will keep me looking good during the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia (that place where they filmed Rocky 4). USA! USA! USA!~5|Zinnias9^THIS picture is the one that I should have seen! It would have told me ahead of time what kind of hat it was–a BEANIE. With a top that flip flops as you walk along. I was looking for a stocking cap that had a fold on the bottom and that’s what I saw on the photo I ordered from. I was surprised when I opened the shipping bag and found that it had no fold&#44 that it was all one&#44 as in a beanie. I tried to pull it down so that the flip flopping would be less&#44 but no dice. The bottom comes down too far and the top looks kind of ridiculous standing straight up. So I wear it correctly and it looks messy&#44 with the top flip flopping along. (sigh) Oh well&#44 being that it’s late in the season for hunting winter clothes&#44 I’m lucky to find the hat in the first place!~3|Katy H.^Would fit a small child better.~3|Steve^Every time I put this hat on&#44 a B-2 spirit bomber flies over Pyongyang and Kim Jung-il turns in his grave.Unfortunately&#44 this hat may not be meant for big-headed Americans. I mean it fits&#44 but it sits tight enough to definitely imprint even the most gnarly mullets.~4|Barbara Rider^In the picture the beanie&#44 as it is called&#44 looked like a slouchy toboggon&#44 which was what I wanted for a 20 year old grand daughter. When I got it it was a small child size and no slouch what so ever. I was very dissappointed in it&#44 even though it was pretty&#44 and a nice hat…not what I wanted. It will go to an 18 month old grand son&#44 as his head is small.~3|bwrandal^Thick non-elastic material…. was expecting better quality.~3|Frosti^I really like this hat. It fits me well but would not be for someone that had a slightly large head. It is made well and is holding up to wear and washings.~4|Beth^This hat fit great and kept my head warm in the cold.~5|Lena Ann^It is super tiny. Only buy if your buying for a kid. A sheet in the box states that you can’t return. Do not recommend.~3|Dzz^Nice hat&#44 good fit~5|
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    Guidvicious^This is the worst quality shirt print I have ever seen. it is so fuzzy you can’t even read it.The quality of the cotton is like a street market in Asia. One of the single worst products I have ever seen on amazon.And the seller does not respond. Complete and utter ripoff. STAY AWAY. I will not put this crap on our child’s skin.~3|uDesign^Got this tee for my little girl. Fits perfectly – good&#44 soft quality. Love it.~5|Shannon Elizabeth^Fit as expected&#44 cute!~5|M. Krzmarzick^Great band T!~5|Nicole Lang^Adorable shirt. Fit my daughter excellently. Received so many compliments when she wears it!~5|M. Witt^Seems weird. Material seems so synthetic. Kind of slick. Would send back but too much trouble. Cool logo.~4|Jesus Lopez^Bought it for my niece&#44 she loves it! 5/5.~5|Ian M. Galloway^baby punk.~5|Amazon Customer^Totally rockin’ on the 2 year old…~5|
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