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LowProfile Snapback Pink With Cheetah Print Brim


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    you are luckly!

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    you are luckly!

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    you are luckly!

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    ash Crantas^4.5I’m a girl&#44 5’5″&#44 and I got a small and it fits great. Obviously not a feminine shirt but it’s not too boxy to make you look like a bloke.Graphic has thick ink&#44 and the overall design is really cool. Docked a half star because the grey “winter is coming” on light blue Stark background is hard to read~5|Jonathan L.^This shirt fit great! I am 5′ 11″&#44 about 160lbs&#44 with an athletic build. I ordered a Medium and it was just right. It shrank a little in the dryer&#44 but it still fits very well. I definitely recommend this shirt!~5|Amazon Customer^Bought this shirt for my father for his birthday he absolutely loves it. I would recommend washing it on cold so the colors don’t run and depending on how you wash laundry I would also recommend putting it on delicate dry cycle because it is 100% cotton and we all know that 100% cotton can shrink a half size if exposed to high heat. Great shirt!!!~5|Kate S^Bought this for a friend. They loved it and it fit as expected. The colors are nice and bold&#44 such a cool t-shirt! Any GoT fan would love this shirt&#44 whether for yourself or a gift!~5|Fan of Mia hurricanes^Perfect for the occasion&#44purchase T-shirt to wear a Game of Thrones concert was it marked by all~5|akroyal_tlee^OMGOSH!! The shirt was even better then I anticipated! It would’ve gotten 5 of 5 stars if it wasn’t a little too big. But other then that&#44 an amazing buy!~4|hammy^Great shirt. I wear it to watch got. Fits as expected. I feel like a tourist of westros~5|John M Butler^Very nice shirt.~5|Colleen M. Sukloff^as expected~4|Doris H^Really pretty T-shirt&#44 and my husband loved it.~5|
    Training Insaiyan Gym To Beat Goku or Killing Dragon Ball Z T-Shirt_1 http://www.mazonshirt.com/training-insaiyan-gym-to-beat-goku-or-killing-dragon-ball-z-tshirt1-p-504.html

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    Carmen^My friend got it on time and he said the material for both jersey and short was very high quality and the size was perfect fit too…the padding of the short is a very good quality too and comfortable. Plus the design of the Yin Yang was the most he love he is a true believer of the Yin Yang culture. He is very happy with his new set and I happy too. His life is cycling.~5|yemilys acu?a^excellent very good&#44 a little late but safe~5|
    Archie Men’s Heavy Shirt Skull Short Sleeve T Shirts Black http://www.lazadaforshirt.com/archie-mens-heavy-shirt-skull-short-sleeve-t-shirts-black-p-4579.html

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    Valerie^How fun it was to go to Disney with matching t-shirts! At one point&#44 we were stopped and asked where we purchased them. When we responded with Amazon&#44 they were clearly disappointed&#44 because they knew they couldn’t buy them at the park! Very good quality.~5|Tanner S.^Purchased as a gift for a bridal shower for Disney themed wedding. The bride is currently wearing it on their honeymoon Disney Cruise.~5|Amazon Customer^The Mrs. Shirt was ordered in an extra large and fits like a medium~3|Amazon Customer^I read the reviews to order big. I like my shirts to be loose&#44 but at the same time fitted. In clothes that I buy from the store I fit into a L or XL.So&#44 going by reviews&#44 I ordered bigger. This was a unisex shirt 2XL that was sent. I was SWIMMING in this shirt. I couldn’t even wear it with my husband to Disney.~3|AmazonReview^Love the fit and look of this tee! Quality is good as well! Make sure to review the size chart to ensure a good fit and you’ll be so pleased with this shirt!~5|rocky^Shirt quality is good but the Size M is not same as M in other brands. It didn’t fit me at all.~3|bree james^They are cute but i ordered a woman’s size medium and its just like they used a generic mans tshirt. Its huge on me. Im so upset as its not cute or flattering for a woman at all!~4|Ilyanna^Perfect size and great material! Came with a handwritten thank you note which I thought was cute. Also Got my honey the matching “Mr” shirt. Can’t wait for our Disney trip next week! Thank you!!~5|Travelgirl^Very Cute!~5|Amazon Customer^The shirt is cute and made well&#44 but I am a small – medium in shirts usually&#44 and ordered an XL after reading reviews&#44 and it is still SO tight on me. I’m not sure I will be able to wear it on our honeymoon&#44 which is upsetting.~4|
    CINPE Chevrolet Logo Sports Underwear Black http://www.usmazons.com/cinpe-chevrolet-logo-sports-underwear-black-p-1435.html

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    Jesse Allen White^I wish i could give this shirt zero stars. It took forever to get&#44 i mean like over a month. The shirt is much smaller than its supposed to be and the print is horrible. Its faded and looks like crap. Do not buy it!~3|Amazon Customer^Lame.~3|George M Cobb^Ordered a 2x shirt what arrived was a medium at best with a 2x tag~3|Froggle Rock^Great shirt.. Official merch!!! Always do your homework on that!!!!~5|Amazon Customer^Perfect fit. Good quality~5|Bronson^This shirt is excellent! It fits great and I dig it to no end.~5|amazon customer^I absolutely love my shirt. Service was excellent!!~5|Amazon Customer^100% OK! Thanks a lot!~5|
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    Amazon Customer^Runs big but we still love it~5|
    Best Husband Ever T Shirt Funny Wedding Married Man Tee Gift Navy Blue http://www.uswishes.com/best-husband-ever-t-shirt-funny-wedding-married-man-tee-gift-navy-blue-p-3991.html

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    FARLEY27^I glanced at the girls&#44 girls glanced at meI whispered in their ear&#44 wana be with me?You wana look pretty though&#44 in my videoOl’ dirty on the hat and I let you all knowJust dance! if you caught up in the holy ghost tranceIf you stop! ima put the killer ants in your pants~5|ozzie^This shirt looks amazing online and I’m a big fan of Wu so I was excited when I got it. I was only able to wear it once. It had a small stain on the yellow part of the shirt. I took a wash rag with cold water and dabbed the area in hopes of removing the stain. I was able to get the stain of but here’s the bad part. The yellow from the shirt started to come off. The shirt looks so bad now. The area I dabbed to remove the stain looks more of a mess now. The colors faded and the black mixed in with the yellow and now the shirt just looks dirty. It has black streaks mixed in with the yellow. I’m very disappointed.~4|Dexter6677^You get what you pay for&#44 the shirt is nice but the material is cheap.~3|Lauren Hamilton^it is all great but runs small~4|TangerindDrymo^I cannot (like GRIZZTAPE) kept count of the COMPLIMENTS AND WHERE DID YOU GET THAT COMMENTS I’ve gotten on this T shirt..I accidentally burned it so it has a hole in it and need another one and the price was so LOW for the quality I GOT I WILL GET MORE. which HOODIE was this nice.~5|Mick Tate^Incredibly comfortable. Wearing it as I’m giving this review. Definitely one of my favorite T-Shirts. Always been a huge fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. Now I have another piece to the collection.~5|Jay^I had to get this in a pinch for a themed meeting&#44 shipping was quick and the quality is not too bad. This is not the most luxurious shirt but you can’t tell from looking anyway. My only complaint is that the print fades somewhat after washing&#44 even when trying to wash inside out.~4|Amazon Customer^Washed a few times and still same size and colors look good. Get a lot of complements. Sometimes young kids think its a weird batman logo.. hahah~4|Anita QueensNYCMom^My father’s day gift to my hubby. He is a big Wu-tang fan.Since we live in NYC it was the perfect Tee of choice. It fit him perfectly. I would recommend this t-shirt if you want something more than just the group logo.~4|Seth Monroy^I love the shirt&#44 it brings recognition to the city of New York and nice and crisp. The color is also neat. But the cloth is not so soft. You get what you pay for&#44 but maybe this deal might be considered a steal.~5|
    Military T-Shirts – Gold Army Logo T-Shirts Sweatshirts and Hoodies X-Large http://www.usaliexpresale.com/military-tshirts-gold-army-logo-tshirts-sweatshirts-and-hoodies-xlarge-p-3103.html

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    AggieMom98^Like it~4|Jeff Alexandee^Very happy~5|
    Marilyn Monroe Men’s Hoodie Gangster Respect Hooded Sweatshirt Black http://www.uslazadas.com/marilyn-monroe-mens-hoodie-gangster-respect-hooded-sweatshirt-black-p-2932.html

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    My partner and I been togther for 16 yrs had hiv test for life policy done. Mine was negative and his positive. That was 14 months ago. Every 3 months after that I go test again and still I’m negative till now. How can it be possible coz we are not using protection.

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    Get well soon Kuya Germs except BINAY.

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    I’m glad to see that Hammie’s hair is growing back!

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    Amazon Customer^No issues.. came earlier than I expected. Pleasant experience!~5|
    PKTWO Kid’s University Of Houston Coogs Child Short T-shirt Tee Black http://www.usforshirts.com/pktwo-kids-university-of-houston-coogs-child-short-tshirt-tee-black-p-3262.html

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    Kristy Kitchener^THIS PRODCUCT IS NOT AS DESCRIBED! It did not come on a cotton grey tee as shown and described. The shirt was 100% rayon – almost like a bathing suit material. slippery and satiny. It also was not grey. It was a tealish grey. I was completely disappointed and also they only offered me 35% back on my refund. I ended up re-ordering through Gorilla Tee on Amazon. Hoping it comes out correct.~3|Jesse^I want to start by saying that I absolutely love this shirt. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because I’m a bigger guy so I ordered it in a 3XL and I’m pleased with the shirt my only complaint is that like most other T-shirt manufacturers they’re cheap and or lazy and instead of appropriating the design size to the shirt they slap the same size across all sizes which I can understand to an extent but because of the small design on a big shirt I think 3 stars is deserving. Still love the shirt regardless of the size of the design.~3|Sera^The neck is a bit tight&#44 which makes it a little bit of a fight to put on and take off. Other than that one small issue&#44 it is a very comfortable shirt.~4|Niki^Had it for over 2 years. No fading&#44 so shrinking&#44 no loose strings. Awesome shirt~5|JR^Rides up a bit when wearing&#44 but&#44 I like the material&#44 color&#44 and design. Fits good also~4|Nathan^Really good fit. Will purchase more of these for sure.~5|Tara Boscherini^Meh&#44 form fitting. Ick.~3|Amy M. Natoni^Nice shirt&#44 my husband loves it. Only complaint is it isn’t taggless~4|Amazon Customer^Love&#44 love&#44 love my shirt. I wear it with pride! I wasn’t sure if people would know Floki&#44 boy was I wrong.~5|Amazon Customer^The Guerrilla Tees has had really good t-shirts for my husband. They are made and fit well. Unfortunately when I was very new to amazon I ordered by accident a counterfeit product from china&#44 and ended up needing to reorder this shirt for my husband. He loves it!!!~5|
    Soothing Men’s Custom Liverpool t shirt XXX-Large http://www.salewishs.com/soothing-mens-custom-liverpool-t-shirt-xxxlarge-p-3155.html

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    S. H. Haile^I have been going to the VA Hospital here in Atlanta for many months and have always admired the hats worn by the other Vets there. Now I feel more a part of the brotherhood in my new hat. I love it! Wish I had done it sooner.~5|OHGREATONE2^Might bit too large can not adjust down. I have a big head&#44 yet not this big however looks nice.~4|Joann L. Helsing^My husband likes this hat and is proud to wear it .~4|K. Pearce^A+++ product!~5|Richard Sellati^My favorite hat~5|Whaza1^awesome stuff!~5|Jared R. Petersen^Looks and functions as advertised. Thanx!~5|Grmpaj^Perfect . . . stitching clean . . . cap fit perfectly!~5|marcblue^FIT: The cap arrived with the adjustable tab set to the smallest size with out the tab sticking out. I had to readjust the tab but the it overlaps slightly. Also would rather have had a velcro adjustable tab rather than the snap tab. LOOKS: On a positive note I like the way the cap looks.~4|Pamela Scorzello^Good hat. Not cheaply made.~4|SteelHalo^Bought this for my grandfather and added the U.S Army Combat Engineer from Korea(where he served) patch on front and a ‘Sappers” patch on the left side. A combat engineer (also called field engineer&#44 pioneer or sapper in many armies) is a soldier specialist who performs a variety of construction and demolition tasks under combat conditions. The combat engineer’s goals involve facilitating movement and support of friendly forces while impeding those of the enemy. Combat engineers build&#44 repair and maintain buildings&#44 roads and power supplies. They employ explosives for construction and demolition projects&#44 and clear minefields using specialized vehicles. Such tasks typically include constructing and breaching trenches&#44 tank traps and other fortifications&#44 bunker construction&#44 bridge and road construction or destruction&#44 laying or clearing land mines&#44 and other physical work in the battlefield. Normally&#44 a combat engineer is also trained as an infantryman&#44 and combat engineering units often have a secondary role fighting as infantry.R.I.P Uncle Auggie – Thank you for your service in the Pacific&#44 I wish I would’ve had the chance to meet you.~5|mile d murzi^I like how these fit. But the one I ordered before had grey under the bill&#44 which was great. This one now has green~3|Taylor revard^Kind of a weird fit but not bad for the price. I bought a couple and got a lot of use for them but ended up going back to name branded hats because the quality and shape is just better unfortunately. But might just be me everyone’s head is different. I do think this might suit someone with a medium to large-ish sized head as opposed to a normal to small sized head if that makes any sense..~3|Pinkleo^Birthday gift for my son and it fit him perfect!~5|sliknslim^great hat&#44 can’t complain too much. the adjustments arent perfect for my head but I cant say they wont be for yours. its either a lil too tight or a lil too loose. But don’t let that stop you from buyin it&#44 the quality is nice and I cant really say how it will fit your head.~5|E.R.M^Great hat. I like flat brims but most of them push my ears out. This hat has a narrower brim so it is a lot better about not pushing my ears out. I am very happy with this hat~5|Kevin^Overall the hat is great for the price but the flat bill has a weird rather square shape compared to the typical flat bill hats&#44 so the hat did not fit my expectations. The images shown for the hat hide the real&#44 weird&#44 squared shape of the bill which pissed me off a little.~3|Denis Morales^great~5|Quan Williams^I wear this hat all the time gonna get them in more colors. I was afraid it wouldn’t fit because I have a lot of hair. Fits completely to the second the last snap when I get it done or let it all down either way I rock with it~5|devin johnson^It was too small~3|Melissa Cook^I loved it! I worn it everywhere!! Defiantly did the job??????????~5|Work In Progress^This is overall a really nice clip on visor. I will use it for gardening and lounging in the backyard. It is slightly big for my head so I will not wear it out and about as it is a little askew :). With something like the rigidness of a clip on you just can’t expect perfection for all heads. Take a chance though. It is great quality and coverage. I pretty brown weave. Enjoy!~4|Mystery Fan^I love the look of it&#44 but I have a larger than average skull and I get a headache after only a few minutes of wearing it.If it fit better&#44 I’d be happy with it because the style of it is nice. So&#44 maybe if you have a small head….??~3|Peevishgrl^Love it! Very comfortable&#44 but yes&#44 it is white on the underside. But it doesn’t bother me at all. Also&#44 it looks exactly as it is pictured. A good value too!~5|Christine M Graves^great visor~5|Kay Carbone^Perfect for wear at the resort.~5|Amazon Customer^LOVE IT.~5|minnow^So comfortable!! (I do have slightly large head.)~5|Edith Tyler^Great for watching my grandchildren play baseball…~5|S S^I love this visor. It fits just right and I love the brown straw. Great value&#44 too.~5|JKI^Recently I spent two weeks landscaping my parents’ South Florida home. After my second full day in the subtropical Florida sun&#44 I realized that even the highest sunscreen wasn’t going to cut it&#44 so after a bit of research I ordered this Mega Cap Flap Hat.I’m mostly pleased with the purchase. The hat’s lightweight UV 50+ Polyester material is interspersed with cooling strips of mesh. It provided fairly extensive protection from the sun without causing overheating. Additionally&#44 the hat’s long bill shielded my eyes and the top half of my face; I often found myself not even needing to wear sunglasses.My only complaint is that I wish the hat was a bit larger. I have a large head and found the hat to be a little tight after several hours of use. Still&#44 on the whole&#44 this is an excellent value for the price point.~4|JS^This will fit a youth or women’s head better than a man’s unless he has a small head. The brim is extra wide and blocks the sun from hitting the nose. The top has strips of mesh which help keep the head cool with air flow and allows sweat to evaporate. The side flaps are mesh and shade the ears well while allowing cool air flow. On the back is a toggle to tighten the hat. I use this hat while working in 90+ degrees on a ranch and LOVE it!!! It’s light weight and fits perfect while it shades my face&#44 nose&#44 ears and the back of my neck from getting lobster red sun burn. The mesh panels keep my head cool and allows sweat to evaporate. On really hot days I just dunk it in water thru out the day and keep going. I tighten it with the toggle on the backside so when I use the atv (even at 30 miles an hour) it stays on without worry of it flying off. I have ordered a few more because their cheap and I don’t want to run out.~5|Amazon Customer^I like to garden and while my intention to put on sunscreen before I go out is there&#44 my follow through isn’t&#44 so several sunburns later I found this hat. It has a long but flexible bill&#44 like a baseball cap&#44 the mesh on the sides really does keep you cool while providing shade for the sides and back of your neck and the top of the shoulder blades. I have a small head so being able to adjust it is awesome. It looks a little safari-ish and it took a few hours to get used to it flapping occasionally in the breeze but it also makes you look like a career outdoorsman which I’m not but like to pretend that I am.~5|CCinNC^Great for what I wanted: cap fabric w/ mesh panels breathes&#44 good back of head & neck protection&#44 lightweight&#44 and comfortable. The “scarf” part is solid in the back and mesh on the sides which allows better visibility and air flow. I have a more safari styled version with a bigger “scarf” that covers more but the hat part doesn’t breathe as well so it gets hot. Plus I tend to favor the baseball cap style for working in the yard. This is no fashion statement&#44 though&#44 or if it is&#44 it’s not a good one. But functionally it’s great.BTW I voted it a little large as it has some gathers when cinched up to fit me. I’m female but have a large head and chemo-hair (meaning not much and thin) and frequently buy men’s hats so I think I can reasonably assess size. In contrast&#44 My husband has to make it as large as it’ll go to fit him so if you have a very large head and/or a lot of hair it may not work.~5|Dances With Okra^Unless sleeping he is not without a ball cap. Thought he would never wear this kind&#44 but he really needed to keep the sun off him due to medications causing severe sun burns. He is outside the majority of every day and wears it faithfully. Loves it actually! And it does the job of keeping him from burning&#44 the most important aspect of this purchase. Described it as being “very comfortable”. He appreciates the fact he doesn’t have to wear the sun lotions he dislikes so much.~5|Tatiana^Good coverage against the sun&#44 however&#44 I found that my hearing is quite sensative and having the material flap over my ears drove me a little nuts. I kept hearing the sound of the flap material moving over my ears as I was hiking. But&#44 this could be just something that annoys me and not someone else. Ultimately&#44 it’s more important to protect my ears and neck…but it might just be better to got a broad brimmed straw hat.~3|John Wilson^Form follows function. Honestly&#44 I look like an idiot in this hat. A pale idiot – and that’s important. I sunburned my ears one weekend practicing with the drum and bugle corps and sunburnt&#44 peeling ears are one of the most painful things….plus&#44 you look like an idiot. So….choices were made. I’m a painless idiot. And left the island after a week&#44 so whatever they are saying about me and my hat I can’t hear. I just wish they’d stop posting on facebook about it…..~4|Teacher2012^Nice hat for sun protection for the pool&#44 park&#44 and beach for a kid or adult. Lip of cap does not get floppy and is easy to wash by hand and dries out fast. We shove it in our sons backpack but it keeps its shape. Not too hot because of the breathable panels on top. Ordering a few more as back up. Hard to find a baseball cap style hat with neck protection that is sturdy.~5|Tommy Gee^Appears to be a quality hat&#44 but does not come close to fitting. I have a 7 3/4 head&#44 yes a large noggin&#44 and this will not fit. I ordered a similar hat&#44 Flap Hat (03)-Khaki W15S46D&#44 from Amazon and it fits the larger head with some extra room.~3|Palomo^I purchased this hat for when I go running on sunny days. My head is 23 inches and this just fits&#44 anyone with larger size head will feel uncomfortable. If you have a smaller head then you can adjust to make it smaller. The hat is lightweight and comfortable to wear. I have been told that I look like a bee keeper because of the mesh on the sides but if it keeps me cooler (which it does) on a sunny hot day then I am ok with it. The flap in the back is a tad short&#44 it covers some of the neck but not all of it. Overall it is an ok hat and serves it purpose.~4|
    PTR Men’s Sweatshirt – Iron And Spider Ash Ash http://www.salemazon.com/ptr-mens-sweatshirt-iron-and-spider-ash-ash-p-1345.html

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    That is great to hear. Congratulations!

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    Hello, I stated taking Atrozia last week Tuesday and my feet were itching for only two days and it stoped and I’m taking the pill @ night

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    i am on my arv can i take Nutricom as well?

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    In my dream I was in a big bus with military friends and we drove out of the gate of my old front paddock and then when we looked back and there was a grey flecked appaloosa horse coming towards the open gate. I got the bus turned around and we were racing back to close the gate. I raced out of the bus and tried to steady her, my friends watched in admiration, and then she whirled around took off and somehow seemed to run up a distant tree and be in the sky. My angels are talking to me through the

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    Transit TV generated very little revenue for Metro – maybe the cost of a bus a year. I would rather pay an extra five or ten cents per trip than listen to that annoyance. Good riddance, even if I did enter a contest occasionally.

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    In my dreams, I have many of a white wolf running parallal to me through the trees. I feel he’s watching after me. Comments, please.

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    I had a dream I was called out of class by some guy and he says something while my wolf and a cheatah circles us and then we’re suddenly saying vow in front of an abnormally large full moon I don’t get this

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    HRae^Bought this for my son’s first birthday. Ordered a 18 month. Fits great. Planning for him to wear it for a while.~5|Mel C^It fit my son a pretty good&#44 however he is exactly 12 months. It may be a little small for a child close to 18 months. Very cute shirt&#44 would definitely buy again.~5|Lisa^I have a very tall new 4 year old but this shirt fit him great. I didn’t dry it before his birthday to be sure it wouldn’t shrink up but I have since and it only shrank a little. Super cute shirt and phrase that we received many compliments on.~5|Jbug^This shirt is so cute!!! My little guy wore it for his 1st birthday. It fit perfectly and after several wears/washes it is holding up great!~5|Kelli^It is SO soft. It looks adorable&#44 my son wore it on his birthday and also a few days since. No fading or letter cracking.~5|Labbye^Such a cute shirt! Very happy with this purchase!~5|Stella^I let my son wear this for his first birthday. He looked so cute. It’s pretty true to size so order standard.~5|Natashia^My son wore this at his first birthday. Fit perfectly and arrived quickly. It was a hit. We will have great memories in this shirt. Fits true to size. Thanks!~5|Ashleigh Blandin^Well made&#44 and adorable! I’d avise getting a size up so they can wear it more than once.~5|Russ^I ordered this shirt in a size 2…thinking 2t&#44 well it is about the size for 18 months. Not only that&#44 there is a STICKER OVER the actual size of the shirt. In my pic you can see the comparison between a normal 2t and their size 2 shirt. So disappointed! He can’t even wear it for his birthday tomorrow like I had hoped.~3|
    Boston Rock Band Classic Spaceship Distressed Black T-Shirt 09-Black http://www.topselleramazon.com/boston-rock-band-classic-spaceship-distressed-black-tshirt-09black-p-2213.html

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    JoLa^Shirt looks like advertised photo with same cut and large white decal. The size I ordered is a perfect fit. The only thing I don’t like is the quality of the t-shirt. It is neatly sewn&#44 but the shirt is very thin. This shirt is made with low thread-count and probably will not last or hold up very long. It’s a cute gift&#44 but I would not purchase this low quality shirt again.~3|nicholasgiovinco^Got this for my wife’s 30th and she loved it.~5|J R^Daughter loved it for her 30th birthday!~5|Amazon Customer^I wanted to wear this shirt on my birthday but the guy was terrible. It was way too big and the cut of the shirt was different than what is pictured. I’m sending it back.~3|Maleka^love it~5|Billy D^Good product. Good Price.~5|Amazon Customer^Love it!~5|ZANN^VERY pleased w/tee-amazingly fast ship! Love the color-got lots of attention @ Trump Rally! Recommend this product & this company~5|regina lawson^for 9 bucks its a t-shirt… It did fit as expected. It arrived on time.~5|robie^Maga~5|Darrell Danielson^I guess I need to drop a few pounds.~4|Judy Mills^lots of fun with this~5|DarciS^Love this shirt. Great quality. Fits great and gets the point across that I support Trump!!! I was surprised at the quality based off the price. I’m really happy with this purchase.The font was just as it was supposed to be and I have no complaints. It washed well and fit well.~5|KB^Awesome~5|Phil Roppo-platinum Home Contractors^Fits perfect and soft! Make America great again!~5|
    Officially Licensed Dark Horse Comics Hellboy BPRD T-Shirt http://www.topselleraliexpress.com/officially-licensed-dark-horse-comics-hellboy-bprd-tshirt-p-3216.html

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    RNana^Purchased for my husband. He stated the mesh makes the cap much cooler. He wore to Memorial Day paradeand received numerous thanks for his service to our country.~4|RC from Joplin^It fits perfectly. I really like the hat. I like the mesh for summer use as it helps ventilate and keep my head dry.~5|happy customer^I am very proud to have served my country and with this sharp looking hat I stand a little bit taller~5|Blasterman^This is a great USAF cap. Quality material&#44 great colors&#44 and good fit. I highly recommend it.~5|Andy L.^Excellent cap! Very well made&#44 love the mesh (live in Texas where it’s hot far more than cool) and it is very comfortable. I’ve “retired” my older one. Oh&#44 I like how SHARP the lettering is on this…considerably better than the one I used to wear.If you’re up for any suggestions for modifications&#44 my old one did have the word&#44 “Veteran” very neatly embroidered on one side of the bill – I did like that feature.~5|DPboss^The patch is extremely clear and looks really nice. Bought one for my brother and one for my wife&#44 both veterans and they absolutely love it.~5|jim^Nice! Looks good fits good~5|yaya^Very well structured&#44 hubby loves it and I bought another one for him~5|Glen^It great~5|michael snyder^Ok~4|audrey lovelace^i really like this one~5|
    The Office Dwight Neck-Tie Work Shirt Mustard T-shirt Tee http://www.onsebays.com/the-office-dwight-necktie-work-shirt-mustard-tshirt-tee-p-4935.html

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    N.A.^Sweater was perfect just a little too big for me. I ended up giving it to my son which fit him perfect!~5|
    Next Level Mens Premium Fitted Short-Sleeve Crew T-Shirt L http://www.topsellerebay.com/next-level-mens-premium-fitted-shortsleeve-crew-tshirt-l-p-2957.html

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    It sounds like you have been lucky and are still negative.

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